3 Ply Face Masks – Useful Accessories For Surgeons

3 Ply face masks – DMB Supply are very different from regular full-face masks. Most of these are used during hospital operations because they have to be durable enough to withstand blood and fluid spills. They have been designed with extra layers to be more resistant to absorption by the patient’s own body, thus making it a perfect fit for surgery patients. A 3-Ply mask has three inner layers, which are composed of thick non-woven polyethylene sheeting that can withstand the impact of objects such as knives. These masks are best used by medical staff during surgical procedures to prevent splashes of bodily fluids onto the surgical bed.


Because these masks come in different styles and designs, they can be adjusted easily depending on an individual’s needs. There are those which can be worn over any type of facial hair so as to prevent anything from falling into the surgeon’s surgical vitals. There are also those which can be adjusted to direct air downward or upward so as to make it easier for a surgeon to work on a patient’s face. On top of that, 3 ply face masks come in different sizes so as to be able to meet the specific requirements of each patient. Each surgeon would prefer to have his patient use a mask that is at least one size bigger than his own in order to maximize the amount of oxygen and blood flow that is channeled to the brain during surgeries.


Because most 3 ply face masks come in a variety of sizes, it would be wise to buy one that is large enough to serve its purpose. Choose a mask that features two adjustable air layers so you can choose between tighter and looser fitting according to how much air flow you need to keep your face protected. Another important factor to consider is the material that was used to make the mask. Although a lot of surgeons recommend the use of surgical stainless steel, it would still be wiser to go for one with a polypropylene fabric so as to allow air circulation without blocking the air passages completely. In addition, disposable masks are also available in the market that greatly helps a patient to maintain his privacy and cleanliness even after a surgical procedure.