How to Buy Cheap Domains

Cheap domain registration is the ideal solution to many people’s frustration with their domains. The problem is that they are too expensive and hard to come by. There are so many domain resellers on the internet and almost every day a new one opens up, all claiming that they offer the cheapest deal around. The truth is that most of them don’t and in fact will make you pay dearly for their services. Not only do they charge you dearly, but in the case of some of the bigger names they may even try and sell your account to someone else who is bigger than they are! Click here –

How to Buy Cheap Domains

The first step in how to buy cheap domains is to look at your budget and decide just how much you can afford to spend. If you already have a host then check to see if they offer any kind of domain forwarding facility so that you can buy cheap domains from them, or alternatively, just use a different host that offers this service. It is usually just a one off fee for the year, which allows you to buy as many numbers as you like for the whole year without having to renew your account. This means that you can basically get as many email addresses as you want, including business addresses and your own home address.

In addition, when you’re trying to buy cheap domains using namecheap, one of the things that you can get is to use the free email forwarding feature. This means that when you go to enter your domain information into the Namecheap web admin, it will automatically put the forwarders information on the side for you, and it won’t charge you a thing! If you have a problem, then just click on “I don’t need it” and the forwarders will be moved to the queue automatically. This saves you a lot of time as typing in the IP address and remembering a numerical value is very difficult and time consuming.

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