Insomnia: The Driver Fatigue Causes

Driver Fatigue – Sleep-deprived driving can be the driving of an automobile when a person is severely impaired by a lack of enough sleep. Lack of sleep is also a leading cause of car accidents, and it significantly diminishes the brain function of someone who is deprived of sufficient sleep. According to a recent study, 23 percent of all drivers fall asleep while behind the wheel. In addition to having a bad driving record, sleepiness or lack of it may also be a warning sign of possible car problems like flat tires or a broken down engine.

driver fatigue

Driver Fatigue

The symptoms of sleep deprivation include sleepiness throughout the day, drowsiness or inability to concentrate, irritability, confusion and memory loss. It is not unusual for someone to wake up in the middle of the night because they feel drowsy or tired. This can even result in car accidents if the driver does not realize that they are fatigued and cannot function properly. Other symptoms may include a racing heart, fatigue headaches and dry mouth. All these can cause serious problems and should be taken seriously. Some of these symptoms are also signs of another condition, which means the individual should seek medical help immediately.


One of the major causes of driver fatigue is a person’s life style. If someone works long hours or is extremely busy with a hectic job, they may not get enough sleep and may suffer from fatigue throughout their life. There are ways to combat fatigue, and a person who suffers from insomnia may want to consult a doctor or psychologist. He or she can recommend ways to reduce stress and other mental and physical factors that may contribute to fatigue. These methods will help someone who is suffering from driver fatigue in the daytime or while they are driving at night.

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