Medicare Supplement Plans I and Medicare Supplement Plan II – What Are the Differences?

Medicare supplement plans are a good way for seniors to ensure that they have the basic security of medical coverage. Medicare Supplement Plan I is provided through private, for-profit companies. Medicare Supplement Plan II is provided through government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Click –

Medicare Supplement Plan

There are two types of Medicare supplement plans – Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Part D Plans. Advantage Plans are more costly than Part D Plans but may pay more for certain Medications. Advantage Plans are paid for with a premium, with each premium paid according to the amount of coverage and the number of years you have paid into the program. Medicare Supplement Plan I and Medicare Supplement Plan II, do not require a deductible.

Medicare supplement plans cover emergency costs, certain conditions, as well as some of the regular premiums of traditional health insurance plans. Medicare supplement plans cover the cost of prescriptions, some dental care, eye exams, hearing aids, hospital stays, and some physician visits. It is important to understand the differences between Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Part D Plans, so that you can choose the most appropriate type of Medicare supplement plan for your needs. Medicare Advantage Plans can be selected from a variety of insurers, so there are many choices available to you.

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