Mold Testing Kits For Home Exterior and Interior Use

mould testing

The DIY Mould Testing Kit has been designed to assist you answer these questions: Is my mould in my house at normal levels; is it still at average levels? What kinds of mould am I having on my walls and ceilings? What detrimental health effects could result from the mould growing in my home? Can the mould damage my property?


The aim of this article is to answer those two questions. It’s important to note the importance of having an indoor inspection by a licensed professional inspector prior to you carrying out any indoor mould testing. The reason for this is that if you do it yourself then you run the risk of damaging your property and creating lifelong health issues. This doesn’t just relate to mold growth, it applies to the different varieties of pests and fungi as well. Many people don’t realize that the presence of mould and other potentially harmful microbes in any structure can lead to the accelerated onset of allergies, Asthma and other such health problems. These diseases are directly related to the number of days during which an indoor inspection is carried out.


The detailed mould inspection procedure consists of a thorough examination of the building environment including looking for evidence of water damage, evidence of dampness, condensation, visible mould growth on interior walls and ceilings and exterior walls. If there is evidence of any of the above issues then you should carry out a damp proofing treatment using a high quality water-based moisture barrier product. Once the damp proofing has been completed, the next step is to conduct a complete indoor air sampling to identify any areas of excess moisture. If mold or mould spores are detected then they should be removed and discarded along with all packaging and labels. If the air samples reveal no evidence of excess moisture, then the next step will be to conduct a complete ventilation (WOC) inspection to identify the source of any excess moisture.

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