Meth Testing in Christchurch

Meth testing Christchurch

Toni provides a complete range of Building compliance services, this includes Annual Playground management, Annual Fire Safety Inspections, Mould Testing and Lead Testing. All the reports produced by Toni are written in simple language and always have customers’ interests in mind, are there to give a one-stop service for all of your building maintenance, construction or environmental compliance requirements. A lot of businesses will want to know whether the material they are using is safe for the environment and also looking at ways to cut cost whilst maintaining high quality standards and using green resources. Toni strives to deliver an independent and impartial report, covering all aspects of construction life in Canterbury. Their reports can be downloaded from their website.

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The Toni team has been operational for over 5 years and take pride in delivering their 100% results. They have an excellent safety record and also the knowledge of what should happen next, after an inspection. The team has a well-developed communication process with all members having the opportunity to speak about any concerns they may have. This ensures that each person and their individual safety and health are looked after. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and it is crucial when undertaking new construction, development or refurbishment projects.


Toni is a professional firm that undertakes meth testing and annual safety audits for various commercial and private clients. For more information you can visit their website or get in contact with them via their references section. Our company has made use of Toni for many of our construction and environmental requirements, including Site Investigation and Site Examination. We are delighted that we have used them for our requirements and would like to publicly thank them. Their safety and support have been a main factor in our decision to use Toni for all of our construction and audit work.

Real Gold Jewelry Wholesale – How to Find One

If you are looking for real gold jewelry wholesale, then you are in the right place. This is because I know that searching for them on the Internet can get really frustrating. Why? Because the whole purpose of buying any type of gold jewelry is to wear it on your body and look good. It’s not like you can get a big discount when you buy it in bulk.

Gold Jewelry Wholesale

Also, if you go online to find jewelry, the prices can get so high that it may seem as though you’re getting ripped off. That’s why you need to be able to find a real gold jewelry wholesale supplier who drops ships. A dropship means that once an order comes in, the supplier goes out and finds a way to ship the product directly to your customer. For example, if you buy from a Web site and they have a large order of gold earrings, then they will break up those earrings into smaller ones, put them in a small jewelry box, and ship them to your customer. The customer never even sees the jewelry because it’s all gone through a wholesale dropshipper.

Now that we know what real gold jewelry wholesale is, you should be able to find a supplier who offers it. This is especially important if you want to start your own jewelry business or work for someone else. Now you don’t have to spend all of your money looking for one dealer. Dealers will compete for your business, which ensures that you will get a real deal.

The Best Cafe in Brisbane

cafe clayfield brisbane

The stunning Spa and Clifton Park area of Brisbane have the very best cafes in Brisbane. The area is stylish and buzzing with activity; the cafes in the area are a hive of activity. You can have the best cafes in Brisbane dining out at the Parklands Hotel or a cafe in the Brisbane Casino Hotel or any of the other cafe spots that make this part of town pulsating with activity. The cafes in the area also include a variety of offerings for those who are in need of a caffeine fix for the morning, lunch and perhaps for dinner too. So, if you are looking to spend the morning, afternoon or evening at one of the best cafes in Brisbane, then you will find it in the Spa and Clifton areas of Brisbane.


The Spa is always bustling with local residents as well as visitors from the greater Brisbane area and beyond. The area has many local attractions like the Para Glomerica and the Museum of Modern Art as well as plenty of dining and shopping opportunities. The area is one of the liveliest in all of Brisbane, and that vitality flows out into the cafe scene of the city. There are many cafes in the area featuring names like Cafe Clayfield Brisbane and the ever popular Cafe 21. These names are local names that the locals love to live alongside and enjoy their delicious coffee and food selections throughout the day. The coffee and dessert selections are exquisite and you will be hard pressed to find a more laid back cafe atmosphere in all of Brisbane.


But, the true gem of the area is the vibrant night life that flows into the city streets below. If you are looking for some great entertainment, then you can find a nightclub or bar that will fit your bill perfectly. The area is home to two of Brisbane’s hottest night spots, the Sky Garden and the infamous CBGB. The bar scene is alive and well, which means that those who are looking for a little bit of culture and relaxation can easily find themselves a seat at one of these Brisbane night spots.

Bathroom Remodel in Vancouver WA

There are many people who consider doing a bathroom remodel in Vancouver WA. This can be a very good idea if you have some old bathroom fixtures that need to be replaced and you have some money to spare. The first place that comes to mind when it comes to bathroom remodel in Vancouver is the Theatre Passe Muraille which is an old historic theatre that has been restored. You can see some of the old films there. The other place that is considered great for a bathroom remodel in Vancouver is the Raincoats Coffee House on Granville road. This restaurant offers some of the best coffee in all of Washington State. Find Out –

Bathroom Remodel near Vancouver

If you are not interested in spending money in order to do a bathroom remodel in Vancouver, you might want to think about building your own home gym. In the basement of your home, you can build a room that will serve as your private, workout room. Then, you will be able to workout all day without having anyone in your house be aware of your workout routine. If you build a workout room in the basement and enclose it with a workout mat, then it will not only serve as a private place to exercise, but it will also keep your children safe from harm since they will not be able to get into the basement unsupervised. Many people are building their own home gyms these days and are very happy with the results.

Other places that are considered great places to do a bathroom remodel in Vancouver include prisons, mental homes, and nursing homes. In these facilities, there are many elderly people who are living alone and they all need their own bathroom. They do not all have showers in their bathrooms and this makes it very important that you remodel their bathroom in order to make it more comfortable for them. If you live in any of these facilities, then chances are pretty good that you can remodel the bathroom to suit their needs.

Different Types of Marine Paint Jobs

Marine paint jobs are usually reserved for those who spend most of their time on the water. They involve high levels of responsibility and often go a lot further than your average paint job, but you can use them to create stunning marine designs. Before you start on your marine paint project, you should spend some time thinking about what sort of effect you are after. You might find that you want to make a statement with your paint job so you will need to work out whether or not you want it to be noticed or simply blended in with the surrounding marine environment. Once you have decided this, then you can start to choose the colours of paint and the type of marine life that you want to portray.


One of the most popular colours used when marine painting is green. Green not only gives your design a sense of depth but it is also a very calming colour which will provide many hours of pleasure for those who spend time on the water. Another popular marine painting colour is blue, which provides a deep sense of peace and serenity. If you would like to add a certain element of mystery to your design, then you can use grey and silver colours which provide a hint of mystery to the marine environment and something that will be very appealing to your visitors.


You will need to take your time when choosing colours for your marine painting and experiment with different shades until you find the right combination. However, don’t be afraid to use more than one colour as you might find that your original idea doesn’t work and that you need to find something else to replace it. Whatever you decide, don’t be afraid to use a combination of colours to achieve unusual effects. If you take your time and use your creativity, you can create a wonderful painting that will be a talking point amongst your friends and family for years to come.