Photographer in DC Elopement

Many photographers are coming to Washington, DC to capture the beautiful monuments and other historical areas surrounding the White House. But one photographer has created a niche by photographing government officials in their element: the Oval Office. Mark Elopement, a former photographer for the Associated Press, has created an account on his website that is filled with pictures of officials at work. He said he was “blown away” by how government agencies treat their workers like “customer service reps.” Not all agencies are that friendly, though, so Elopement makes sure to bring along extra camera gear to ensure a professional set of pictures.


Elopement’s portfolio includes shots of the Oval Office, the Department of Transportation, the Office of the President, the Joint Office of the President, the Justice Department, the National Mall, the Capitol, the IRS, and many other government buildings and agencies. Each picture shows a different person in the office, and he has a background in traditional photojournalism. Some of his most popular images show employees at work, with their top hats and badges, or in their ceremonial attires.

Other images focus on members of Congress or members of the press, or portraits of members of the Senate or the House. For many of his clients, Mark Elopement wants to create a set that is representative of the offices as a whole. For instance, if a photo is of a member of Congress riding a Capitol Hill elevator, Elopement said he also likes to include other aspects of the elevator, such as switches, buttons, lighting, and signs, as well. In some cases, DC Elopement Photographer also doubles as documents that explain something about the person being photographed.

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