Special Way To Enjoy Your Ferrari

There is a lot of speculation that Ferrari produces racing car engines for all its models. Actually, there are two kinds of Ferrari engines – two V-tech (for rear wheel drive) and two S-tech (for mid-engine race car design). Only four Ferrari P4-based cars have ever been made: a pair of ex-Ferrari P3s and an ex-Toyota MR2. Their two-valve cylinder heads were inspired by those of Italian Grand Prix-winning Formula One road cars. The twin-cylinder engine has an output of 580 hp at sea level. Website link

The owners of these powerful sports cars

For further insight into the internal combustion world of a Ferrari racing car, take a look at the Ferrari Testurismo Spider. With a body crafted entirely from carbon fiber, the Testurismo Spider is surprisingly light, despite having a high-performance racing car engine. It can reach a top speed of 218 mph. A four-wheel drive version with a manual transmission is also available.

One more special way to enjoy your Ferrari is by means of a 250gto zebra skin leather cover. It’s not exactly a Ferrari racing car, but it surely looks good. These covers come in several sizes, including petite, small, medium and large. They are custom-made to ensure a better fit and an excellent appearance. They protect your car from rain while also providing a cool refreshing feeling. They are also great to protect your precious accessories from dust and scratches.

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